Jon Bunge: Chicago Sports

When you think of Chicago, iconic images such as that of a Chicago-style hotdog may quickly come to mind. Of course, no Chicago-style hotdog is complete without a game by a legendary Windy City sport team to go with it, according to sport enthusiast Jon Bunge. With Chicago being the third-most populous city in the United States, it comes as no surprise that this city is a mecca for sports — particularly professional basketball, football, and baseball.

The Bulls

Since the Bulls entered the scene back in 1966, when Chicago was given the NBA franchise, it has dominated television screens and remains a popular topic of discussion amid fan groups and general interest social groups alike. Who could forget the glory days of the Bulls during the Michael Jordan era especially? In the 1980s, Jordan repeatedly assaulted the NBA record books in areas including points per game and steals. He became the very first Bull to be named to the league’s All-NBA First Team. The team continues to make headlines with its signing of Chicago native Dwayne Wade in July of 2016 as well as its October 2016 acquisition of Michael Carter-Williams, the 2014 Rookie of the Year.

The Bears

With a loyal following, the Bears are just one of two franchises remaining from the founding of the NFL. Back in 1985, the Bears were Super Bowl Champions, and they continued to make a name for themselves during the Lovie Smith era spanning from 2004 to 2012. During the 2010 NFL season in particular, the Bears led the league in the number of overall franchise wins with a total count of 704.

In the current era, known as the John Fox era, which began in 2015, the Bears experienced major improvements from its previous era with the help of Fox, the team’s head coach. In 2014, the USA Today newspaper had predicted that the Bears would win just three games, but the NFL team doubled this projection, finishing its season with a record of 6 to 10. The team has been struggling of late, with the 2016 season including multiple injuries to both secondary players and starters, but there is hope that the Bears will make a comeback in the Windy City.

The Cubs

The Cubs are perhaps one of the most talked about sport teams not only in the Windy City but also in the United States in general. The Cubs have appeared in a total of a whopping 11 Word Series, with its most recent win taking place in 2016. In that season, the Cubs finished their season with the best MLB record and even won their very first National League Central title following the 2008 season: The team won by 17.5 games. The Cubs additionally reached the coveted 100 mark — the very first time they had done that since 1935. The team also won 103 games — the franchise’s greatest number of wins since 1910. Without a doubt, the Cubs are one of the hottest teams in baseball right now and are in it to win it in the coming seasons.