Chicago Art

Jon Bunge: Chicago Art

You would be hard pressed to find a city with as glowing an art scene as Chicago, where everywhere you turn, you can find some of the best works of art around the globe. The works of art you can find here, whether you are a visitor or a local who is trying to figure out how to spend your day, are some of Chi-Town’s greatest cultural contributions. Here are some of the top places for finding art in the Windy City.

Art Institute of Chicago

Jon Bunge, one of Chicago art’s greatest fans and experts, would be remiss not to highlight the Art Institute of Chicago first in this list of the best sources of art this side of the Mississippi. It could take you four years to truly get to know this institution, where a whopping 300,000 pieces of art find their home from around the globe. These artworks come from antiquity, from the present, and virtually every era in between. Here, you can find a favorite of Jon Bunge’s, called “The New Contemporary” exhibition. You can also take in the institute’s unique design collection and architecture in Renzo Piano’s Modern Wing, which is filled with light and offers spectacular views of the world-renowned Millennium Park.

Museum of Contemporary Art

If you are looking for one of the biggest modern art collections in the United States, look no further than the Museum of Contemporary Art. This museum is known for hosting large touring exhibits as well as displaying the works of art greats such as Daniel Clowes, Doris Salcedo, and Simon Starling. Even local artists get to enjoy the spotlight as part of the institution’s Chicago Works series, and you can even participate in workshops and get in on the discussion.

National Museum of Mexican Art

Want to take a trip below the border without actually going below the border? The National Museum of Mexican Art is your ticket to amazing sights encapsulating the beauty and boldness of Mexican culture. This museum features a coveted collection of 6,000 permanent pieces, along with performing art showcases and rotating exhibits. Even the educational programming available at this monumental museum effectively represents Mexico’s illustrious culture.

Smart Museum of Art

If you stop by the University of Chicago, you can find many opportunities to enjoy art on the campus. For instance, the Smart Museum of Art houses the institution’s collection of antiquities and fine art. The college works collaboratively with scholars of art to create public programs and exhibits that help to spread an appreciation for all forms of art.

Ed Paschke Art Center

The Ed Paschke Art Center was created in an effort to give the public access to the works of the legendary Ed Paschke, a well-known Polish-American painter whose interest in art was sparked at a young age due to cartoons and animations. This Chicago art center’s goal is to continually serve as a space where people can enjoy artistic creativity, discovery, and community and even showcase their work.