Jon Bunge: Chicago Keeps Making a Mark



Oh, Chicago, with your majestic city skyline and unparalleled atmosphere that make “the folks who visit all wanna settle down,” according to musician Tony Bennett. There is a reason why Chicago has been the subject of many a tune over the past several decades: The Windy City is a city like no other, with a special charm that is encapsulated in its many buildings and cultural offerings, according Chicago enthusiast Jon Bunge, who has dedicated this website to the city also known as “Chi-Town.”


Founded in 1837, Chicago is the United States’ third-most populous city, with more than 2.7 million residents. Although many marvel at Chicago today, in part due to its bold skyline and architecture, Chicago was far from the desirable city it is today.

When immigrants first started to move west to settle, Chicago was pegged as a swampland filled with Indians — one that was not fit for building on. However, as soon as national trade arrived, the Windy City was viewed as an essential transportation hub between the western and eastern parts of the United States. Chicago eventually became a manufacturing powerhouse thanks to the erecting of canals and railways, and this had a major impact on the United States economy.

Since its becoming a major transportation hub in America, Chicago has appeared in the history books time and time again for major events ranging from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, to the 1920s Prohibition era, and even to the successes of Chicago natives Michael Jordan, professional basketball player, and Barrack Obama, former United States president.

Why Chicago?

Chicago has definitely made its mark on history, but it continues to stand out amid the many city landscapes in the United States today for various reasons. First, just as its prominence was born out of its contribution to transportation, Chicago continues to be a perfect place to hop a plane to virtually anywhere in the world from O’Hare Airport. In addition, unlike Boston, New York, or Los Angeles, Chicago is an ideal location for taking a quick flight anywhere around the country.

Then there is the fact that, in Chicago, you are not too far from the beach. You do not have to go to the likes of Miami to enjoy a mixture of city life and beach life. In the Windy City, you can conveniently spend the day at Lake Michigan and even go on a romantic date along the Chicago River.

Furthermore, several buildings are worth viewing, even for those with untrained eyes when it comes to architecture. Take, for instance, the Chicago Avenue Pumping Station, the Chicago Merchandise Mart, the Chicago Home Insurance Building, Marina City, the Buckingham Fountain, and the John Hancock building — examples of some of the greatest architecture you can find in America.

The people of Chicago are also like no other: When you meet Chicagoans, you get a dose of the New York hustle combined with Midwestern generosity. The people definitely make the city of Chicago the city that many have grown to love.